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Asthama sudharan pharama

Welcome to Asthama sudharan pharama Brand Products Online Store United States of America . Find the Complete List of Asthama sudharan pharama Products Online for your selection and order.

Asthama Sudharan Madhu Sanjeevini Powder
Asthama sudharan pharama swasa Nivarana Plus
Asthama Sudharan Spee Men Forte

About Asthama sudharan pharama

Our Firm ASTHAMA SUDHARAN PHARMA was established and working over 40 years and above. We are the pioneers in this field of ayurveda preparations. We achieved and reached great heights and horizons. We served lakhs of people with best results for various ailments. We adopted latest trends researches with great scientific approach. We are manufacturing herbal medicines adopting transcripts of Maharshis, Vedas strictly under GMP condition certified by GOVT. The efficiency of the medicines mostly depends on selection of herbs, their purification, preparation and combination in the formulation prepared by us. We use top quality ingredients collected across the country.

The Unique feature of our medicines are our specialization in the field of our manufacturing and for the treatment of Asthama, Allergy and all Respiratory disorders (COPD), DIABETES of all types, Insulin dependents also stopped after using our medicine , RHEUMATIC problems like chronic joint pain, spine, backache and sciatica, INFERTILITY for male and female, GASTRIC, DIGESTIVE and CONSTIPATION problems. COUGH syrups-whooping, dry and chronic cough, HAIR oils for hair growth, removes dandruff problems, MULTI-VITAMINS for General Resistance Power. Apart from these medicines we are manufacturing many more medicines for chronic problems of various types also. We are capable of manufacturing medicines for the diseases arising out of new generation, attitude, life styles, food habits etc. We have gained tremendous response from patients all over the country. Our medicine has reached the patients not by advertisements but by the patients themselves informing each other. Thus it has gone far off beyond our vision and mission.