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Welcome to Gopuram Brand Products Online Store United States of America . Find the Complete List of Gopuram Products Online for your selection and order.

Gopuram Manjal Fliptop
Gopuram Kasthuri Manjal (Turmeric) Powder
Gopuram Kumkum Tin Pack
Gopuram Vagidu kumkum
Gopuram Thazhamboo Kumkum
Gopuram Deer Brand Kumkum
Gopuram Palani Murugan Kumkum
Gopuram Sri Durga Kumkum
Gopuram Kumkum (SF)
Gopuram Red Kumkum
Gopuram Dark Red Kumkum
Gopuram Kumkum
Gopuram Meenakshi Red Kumkum
Gopuram Deluxe Kumkum
Gopuram Kumkum Tin
Gopuram Finger Turmeric
Gopuram 50 Gram Turmeric Powder
Gopuram Turmeric Powder
Gopuram 20 Gram Fliptop Turmeric powder
Gopuram Turmeric powder
Gopuram 10 Gram Turmeric Powder
Gopuram Kasthuri Turmeric
Gopuram Kasthuri Flip Top Turmeric Powder
Gopuram Kasthuri Turmeric pouch
Gopuram Kasthuri Turmeric Flip Top
Gopuram Agmark Turmeric powder
Gopuram Super Pooja Powder 10 gms
Gopuram Super Pooja Powder
Gopuram Super Pooja Powder
Gopuram Sandanathi Thailam
Gopuram Gokul Gulkhand
Gopuram Sikharam Rose Water
Gopuram Vettiver
Gopuram Fire Wood(N)
Gopuram 3 Pillu Pavitharam
Gopuram Dharbai
Gopuram Traditional Agarbhathi
Gopuram Pepper
Gopuram K.D cotton yarn
Gopuram Mangalya Saradu Yellow
Gopuram Kucchi Thali Coir Thin
Gopuram Kucchi Thali Coir-Thick
Gopuram 5 Patta cotton yarn
Gopuram Cotton Yarn-Thin
Gopuram Thali Coir-Thick
Gopuram 365 Kalasa Deepam
Gopuram Jeera
Gopuram Menthi
Gopuram Mustard
Gopuram Asafoetida Cake
Gopuram Asafoetida Tin
Gopuram Asafoetida Powder
Gopuram Chilly Powder
Gopuram chilly Powder
Gopuram Yamuna Camphor Tab
Gopuram Yamuna Camphor Round
Gopuram Yamuna Camphor Square
Gopuram Ambika Camphor - Green
Gopuram Ambika Round Camphor
Gopuram Ambika Camphor Square
Gopuram Ambika Camphor
Gopuram Ambika Camphor - Green
Gopuram Ambika Camphor-Majanta
Gopuram Ambika Camphor - Yellow
Gopuram Thread - II
Gopuram Thread
Gopuram Thread I
Gopuram Thread - 3 Colour
Gopuram Thread - 5 Colour
Gopuram Durga Mirror Set
Gopuram Mirror Bangles Set
Gopuram Mirror Set
Gopuram Agarbhathi
Gopuram Lakshmi Pooja Kit
Gopuram Ayudha Pooja Kit
Gopuram Varalaksmi viradha kit
Gopuram Tin Set ( Turmeric + Kumkum )
Gopuram Turmeric Tin

About Gopuram

Gopuram kumkum is one of the only 100% pure and natural kumkum products available today, made from all natural ingredients such as turmeric and lemon. Today most factory produced kumkum is made from artificial ingredients, such as powdered lead, which can be deadly if used over time. The heavy metals used in artificial kumkum can enter your body and cause serious health problems. If you use it on your forhead, the powdered lead can cause serious skin problems and balding. Please always use 100% natural kumkum, made traditionally from simple plants such as turmeric and lemon. We recommend Gopuram brand, as it is the only brand we have found to be made from 100% pure ingredients. A simple test to check the purity of kumkum is to smear a bit of it across the palm of your hand with your finger. Pure kumkum will reveal the bright yellow color of turmeric, whereas artificial kumkum remains red color. The tiny grains of pure kumkum are only red on the outer surface, but inside they are the yellow of turmeric powder. When you pinch and smear the grains, the yellow color will show through the red.