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Welcome to Livon Brand Products Online Store United States of America . Find the Complete List of Livon Products Online for your selection and order.

Livon Hair Fluid with Vitamin E Conditioner
Livon Moisture Max Hair Conditioner
Paras Pharmaceuticals Livon Super Shine Hair Conditioner
Paras Pharmaceuticals Livon Volume Boost Conditioner
Paras Pharmaceuticals Livon Silky Potion Detangling Hair Fluid
Livon HairGain Tonic
Livon Hair Gain Tonic For Women 150 Ml
Livon Moroccan Silk Serum 59 Ml
Livon Serum 100 Ml
Livon Hair Gain Tonic With Advanced Root Energizers
Livon Hair Gain Tonic For Men

About Livon

Livon Silky Potion, a brand that built the serum category in India, puts an end to tangled, dry, and unmanageable hair.

Livon Silky Potion's unique CutiSoft Formula instantly smoothens and softens hair cuticles, transforming dry, rough and brittle hair into smooth, soft and silky hair. It eases tangles and knots, making hair easy to comb. It makes unmanageable frizzy hair easily manageable by straightening it and giving it a well-groomed look. Livon Silky Potion also contains Vitamin E that nourishes hair. So wish away those annoying hair worries with Livon's tender loving care.

 Worrying about hair loss need not be a daily hassle anymore as this Hair Gain Tonic from Livon gives you beautiful hair. The Livon Hair Gain Tonic is perfect for men and women. Also, this Gain Tonic stops hair fall in fifteen days and promotes hair growth. Enriched with active root energizers and hair regrowth molecules, the Livon Hair Gain Tonic penetrates to the root of the hair follicle and clears up the debris around, thus restoring proper blood flow to the follicle. Besides transforming your hair from very fine vellus to thick terminal hair, this Livon Hair Tonic enhances the texture of your hair.