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Neem Active

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Neem Active Toothpaste

About Neem Active

Neem Active Toothpaste, enriched with the natural germ-fighting properties of Neem, prevents cavities, bleeding gums and inflammation. This unique formulation, combined with mint, ensures a clean mouth-feel and fresh breath all day long. For 4000 years, the goodness of neem has been used to safeguard dental health. Neem twigs used as "toothbrushes" are effective in preventing periodontal disease. Neem is excellent in protecting from, and healing, gum inflammation. The powerful astringent and antibacterial properties of neem are available in "Neem Active Toothpaste, helping it to fight tooth decay, removes dental plaque, tighten gums, making them resistant to inflammation and bleeding. Thus, ensuring that smiles never fade.