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Welcome to Protinex Brand Products Online Store United States of America . Find the Complete List of Protinex Products Online for your selection and order.

Protinex Diabetic Protein Supplement Diabetes
Protinex Original Flavour
Protinex Vanilla Nutrition Drink
Protinex Junior Chocolate Nutrition Drink
Protinex Total Nutrition Drink
Protinex Junior Vanilla Nutrition Drink
Protinex Mama Nutrition Drink Chocolate Flavor
Protinex Elaichi Refill
Protinex Fruit Mix Nutrition Drink
Protinex Mama Vanilla Nutrition Drink

About Protinex

Protinex is a market leader in the arena of protein supplements.  Earlier, this brand was bought by Dumex from Pfizer. Farex, Indiaâ??s first and oldest brand of infant food was acquired from Heinz. Before this, Heinz bought this brand from Glaxo. Protinex encompasses a wide spectrum of food supplements suited for children, adults, recuperating patients, nursing mothers and fitness enthusiasts. Protinex also offers an advanced and scientifically created food supplement for Diabetic health care. In view of the dietary limitations, diabetes imposes unique nutritional demands on the body which have to be met.

Buy Protinex products - wondrous food supplements, scientifically backed, and strengthened with all the indispensable vitamins and minerals, amongst them of special significance being Iron, Calcium and Folic acid for both adults and children. Its other product line is Protinex Vanilla, a perfect protein supplement, scientifically devised, tested and certified, with a high content of protein, the essential amino acids and further strengthened with the essential minerals and vitamins.