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Welcome to RevAyur Brand Products Online Store United States of America . Find the Complete List of RevAyur Products Online for your selection and order.

RevAyur Acti Moist Body Care Cream
RevAyur Aloe Gel (Moisture Balance Formula)
RevAyur Aroma Plus
RevAyur Foot Scrub Pedi-Exfoliating Scrub
RevAyur Fruity Body Wash Orange
RevAyur Fruity Body Wash Watermelon
RevAyur Fruity Lipbalm
RevAyur Orange Lotion (Vitamin C Skin Care)
RevAyur Saffron Beautifying Gel Natural Skin Lightener
RevAyur Soft Day Cream
RevAyur Aroma Moisturizer
Revyur Aloe Body Gel - 120 gms
Revyur Apricot Massage Cream - 200 gms
Revyur Herbal Massage Cream
Revyur Saffron Gel
Revyur Orange Lotion With Sun Care
Revyur Sun Care Cream
Revyur Aloe Cleansing Lotion
Revyur Anti Blemish Face Pack - 25 gms
Revyur Anti Blemish Face Pack - 75 gms
Revyur Berry Berry Strawberry Face Wash
Revyur Minty Monty Mint Face Wash
Revyur Orange Scrub - 75 gms
Revyur Polishing Walnut Gel
Revyur Salt Glow Scrub
Revyur Walnut Scrub-200 gms
Revyur Walnut Scrub - 75 gms
Revyur Toner With Lemon Extract
Revyur Toner With Tea Extract
Revyur Oil Free Skin Lightning Cream
Revyur Skin Lightning Cream
Revyur Soft Day And Night Cream
Revyur Crack Healing Cream - 200 gms
Revyur Crack Healing Cream-150 gms
Revyur Foot Cream - 200 gms
Revyur Foot Scrub - 200 gms
Revyur Foot Scrub - 75 gms
Revyur Ayurvedic Hair Oil
Revyur Dandruff Cleansing Shampoo
Revyur Deep Cleansing Shampoo
Revyur Intense Conditioner
Revyur Intense Nourshing Shampoo
Revyur Volumnizing Conditioner
Revyur Aloe Body Gel - 500 gms
Revyur Aloe Cleansing Cream
Revyur Body Cream With Apricot - 500 gms
Revyur Foot Cream - 500 gms
Revyur Foot Scrub - 500 gms
Revyur Massage Cream Herbal - 500 gms
Revyur Orange Scrub - 500 gms
Revyur Polishing Walnut Gel - 500 gms
Revyur Saffron Massage Gel - 500 gms
Revyur Walnut Scrub - 500 gms
Revyur Aloe And Mint Soap
Revyur Luffa Soap
Revyur Neem Soap
Revyur Walnut Hand Made Soap

About RevAyur

Specially formulated with known and effective skin lightening actives. Quickly absorbs and releases moisture gradually for in depth hydration throughout the day. Vitamin C controls the complexion and makes skin fairer. Skin complexion regains radiance and brightness. Non-greasy formula for all skin types. How to use : Apply on face amp neck twice a day. About Revayur : RevAyur is an International Brand of Herbal Formulations and comes from Unijules LifeSciences Ltd an established entity in the world of Herbal Products since 1927. Unijules LifeSciences Ltd is spearheaded by a team of qualified Pharmacists senior Researchers and practising Consultants. The manufacturing units conform to Good Manufacturing Practices and G.L.P. norms laid down by World Health Organisation and emulate the essence of Total Quality Management. Related Searches: buy revayur products online in India buy revayur fairness cream online in India revayur India buy skin care products online in India buy fairness cream online in India.