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RS Pathy

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RS Pathy Naturo Thailam Oil

About RS Pathy

Dr. R.S.PATHY is a legend in his lifetime and he still lives in the hearts of billions of people. R.S.PATHY Co (P) Ltd is professionally managed by a managing director, even though it’s a family business. Brand name R.S.PATHY is an exclusive ownership belongs only to Dr. R.S.Pathy family. This brand with unique marks is registered under trademark (IPL) of India. The company retains valuable formula for various diseases and continues to serve humanity with a personal touch. R.S.PATHY MEDICINE is an eco friendly product and doesn’t have any side effects. It relieves the common cold, headaches, sinus and all pains by using quality herbals of unique contents. Even the herb invented by Dr. R.S.PATHY is named after him and called as R.S.PATHY tree in Tamilnadu, South India. Dr. R.S.Pathy is fondly remembered with great gratitude by whose blessings, R.S.PATHY Co (P) Ltd. flourish with sense of pride touching century, country, religion and health.