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Welcome to Sagar Brand Products Online Store United States of America . Find the Complete List of Sagar Products Online for your selection and order.

Sagar Pharma Anuloma Churna
Sagarlic Pearl Capsules
Sagar Pharma Sangfer Capsules
Sagar Pharma Depile Ointment
Sagar Pharma H-Gum Massage Powder
Sagar Pharma Nasollerin Capsules
Sagar Pharma Arthnex Forte Tablets
Sagar Pharma H Gum Gel
Sagar Pharma Depile Tablets
Sagar Pharma Tantu Pashan Tablets
Sagar Pharma Stomatab Capsules
Sagar Pharma Tonsari
Sagar Pharma Vikas Syrup
Sagar Pharma Winsor Ointment

About Sagar

SAGAR’s success is its research, covering the screening of medicinal plants for their Pharmacological benefits; identification of new active principles; development and manufacture of Ayurvedic formulations using modern principles of standardization.

Our endeavour is to offer the Medical Fraternity newer, well-tested, effective, safe and need-based remedies.

Sagar Pharmaceuticals is committed to Quality, Consistency, Dependability and Safety of the products.