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Welcome to Solumiks Brand Products Online Store United States of America . Find the Complete List of Solumiks Products Online for your selection and order.

Solumiks Afrol Plus with Gold Capsule
Solumiks Afrodet Plus Capsule
Solumiks Dilapsin Syrup
Solumiks Dilapsin Tablet
Solumiks Efiplus Capsule
Solumiks Entostal Tablet
Solumiks Lumital Tablet
Solumiks Menocramp Tablet
Solumiks Myostaal Forte Tablet
Solumiks Myostaal Gel
Solumiks Myostaal Liniment
Solumiks Nirocil Syrup
Solumiks Nirocil Tablet
Solumiks Pyroflex Gel
Solumiks Pyroflex Liniment
Solumiks Radona Syrup
Solumiks Senovila Tablet
Solumiks Vimliv Fortified Syrup
Solumiks Dilapsin Tablet and Dilapsin Syrup
Solumiks Herbaceutical Products Senovila Tablet
Solumiks Myostaal Gel and Myostaal Liniment
Solumiks Pyroflex Liniment and Pyroflex Gel
Solumiks Radona Syrup and Radona Tablet
Solumiks Radona Tablet

About Solumiks

Solumiks Herbaceuticals Limited is a professionally managed, company dedicated to health care. Solumiks products like have won the confidence of clinicians all over India and have over 3 decades of a safe use record. Solumiks is a group concern of Shree Dhootapapeshwar Limited, a reputed traditional Ayurvedic company being in the market for over 130 years. Core competence in presenting conceptualised Ayurvedic products is finely blended in Solumiks products like Myostaal Liniment & Gel, Ashotone Tablets & Syrup, Zpter Tablets, etc.