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Welcome to Vivel Brand Products Online Store United States of America . Find the Complete List of Vivel Products Online for your selection and order.

Vivel Shampoo
Vivel Active Fair Fairness Cream
Vivel 3 1 Face Wash and Scrub
Vivel Purifying Face Wash
Vivel Perfect Glow
Vivel Summer Fair
Vivel Active Essentials 3-in-1 Face Wash+Scrub
Vivel Active Essentials Purifying Face Wash
Vivel Shine and Glow Shampoo
Vivel Soft and Fresh Shampoo
Vivel Summer Fair Triple Filter SPF 15
Vivel Volume & Bounce Shampoo
Vivel Cell Renew Fortify with Repair Face Moisturiser
Vivel Cell Renew Pollution Protect Cleansing Cream with Scrub
Vivel Cell Renew Energising Face Cleanser with Scrub
Vivel Cell Renew Night Replenish Body Lotion
Vivel Cell Renew Deep Smoothing Body Lotion Gift Set
Vivel Love Nourish Soap With Almond Oil Shea Butter
Vivel Mixed Fruit Cream Soap
Vivel Satin Soft Family Pack
Vivel Satin Soft Soap - ( Set Of 3 )
Vivel Young Glow ( Set Of Three )
Vivel Cell Renew Repair Fortifying Body Lotion
Vivel Aloe Vera 3 in 1 Face Wash + Scrub
Vivel Aloe Vera Soap
Vivel Cell Renew Deep Smoothing Body Lotion 
Vivel Green Tea Soap
Vivel Mixed Friut Cream
Vivel with Green Tea 3-in-1 Face Wash + Scrub
Vivel Luxury Creme With Olive Butter
Vivel Luxury Creme Soap with Shea Butter

About Vivel

Between February and June 2008, ITC expanded its personal care portfolio with the launch of Vivel range of soaps and shampoos to cater to the specific needs of a wide range of consumers.

This high quality range of soaps and shampoos are for the upper-mid and mid-market consumer segments. All products offer a unique value proposition of bringing together ingredients that provide the benefit of Nourishment, Protection and Moisturisation through one product, hence providing the ever discerning consumer complete care, which makes her beautiful and confident.